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Windows & Doors from Verdi to Help you Beat Inflation

Windows and doors from Verdi to help you beat inflation. We’ve all seen the news. You’re probably tired of hearing the doom and gloom on the news. We are too! We want to try and flip the script here at Verdi and actually provide you with some solutions that we can supply.

Energy costs are rising. But how is inflation affecting our costs?

Between the pandemic and the current situation in Eastern Europe. The demand for energy has increased, and therefore so has the price. This is having a knock-on effect on the rest of our costs, and we are beginning to see this, with energy prices rising for homeowners.

So, here’s what we can do to help at Verdi. We have products that can help you to tackle inflation. Newer, energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce the cost of heating your home! All our window and door products are labelled with a BFRC rating. This label clearly defines the performance level of each product, in terms of energy efficiency. With ratings, A-C considered energy-efficient, and this is exactly where our Window and Door products sit between. Our products, therefore, insulate your home through technology such as double glazing and weatherseal gasket. You won’t have to turn on your heating and can save on those rising energy bills.

Luckily, the temperature is still high enough for us to not worry as much about energy costs. However, we’re already halfway through August and Autumn is just around the corner. It’s time we were proactive and got ahead of inflation before the temperatures drop and the nights draw in. Window and Door installations are fast, easy, and overall, inexpensive. This means they could be the perfect solution! You need to give yourself time to properly prepare your home for the Autumn and Winter months.

You may have noticed that the theme of this post is to be proactive. We all hope these tough times will come to an end sooner rather than later, and no doubt inflation will come to an end. So, how can we look past these times? Increasing the value of your home could be a potentially great way to put yourself in a better position post-inflation. Adding home improvements as we have mentioned here could increase the value of your homes, as well as improve its energy efficiency, both saving you money and setting you up for the future.

At Verdi, we offer plenty of options when it comes to having new Verdi Windows & Doors in your home. You can view the entire range by clicking here.

If you would like to enquire about any of the products we have mentioned, you can get in touch with Verdi by filling out the form below!

    Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal & Verdi Home Improvements

    Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal & Verdi Home Improvements. Christmas is right around the corner! It’s such a magical time for most, as people spend quality time, giving presents to their loved ones. However, at Verdi, we understand that this, unfortunately, isn’t the case for some. This bringing us on to our involvement in Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal.

    Before talking about our own involvement, we thought we’d let you know what the Christmas Toy Appeal is. The Appeal was started by Varney’s, as they look to help those less fortunate, within their community. In Leicestershire alone, there are 5000 children of whom are living in poverty, through no fault of their own. Like Varney’s, we think this is an absolute travesty! Christmas should be a wonderful time for everyone! The Toy Appeal aims to achieve this by helping these 5000 children. Toy help these children in disadvantaged situations, we, along with everyone involved in the Appeal, support the cause and provide the children with a present to wake up to on Christmas Day!

    Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal and others like it, really bring the local community together. If everyone chips in just a small amount, we together can make a true difference to many of the disadvantaged children in Leicestershire, this Christmas. The appeal works with a variety of local charities, these being:

    Be sure to check all of these charities out by clicking the links above!

    As well as charities, this appeal bring other local businesses together, every year! And this is where Verdi gets involved. This Christmas, us and other local suppliers have banded together to buy these children brand new presents for the 25th. After purchasing, we all then deliver the toys to the aforementioned charities for them to wrap and deliver to the families, ready to put a smile on the children’s faces! This isn’t the first year that we’ve been a part of the Appeal at Verdi. Last year we managed to raise a total of £1700! This year though, we wanted to do even better. So far, we have managed to collect over £2200! While we’ve already smashed last year’s amount, there is still plenty of time to raise much more. To get this appeal moving, we supply a large contribution at the very beginning, and so now we need your help!

    So far, we have managed to collect over £2200!

    So, what can you do?  Well, the simple is answer is to donate! We urge everyone from Leicestershire to support their local community and support this cause. There are 2 ways that you can donate this Christmas:

    1. You can donate via their Amazon Wish List, just click here.
    2. You can bring something into Varney’s, South Wigston the next time you go shopping.

    The deadline for the Christmas Toy Appeal is the 19th of December, so be sure to make any donations before this date! We hope you can find a little to help a lot.

    If you would like to learn more about Varney’s then click here.

    Interested in Verdi Home Improvements? Check us out here.

    Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements

    Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements. Ever wonder where the name Verdi came from? Well, here’s your answer. Verdi means green in Italian.

    When Ryan and Damien first started talking about setting up the company ten years ago, they created a list of qualities that they wanted their brand to be known for.  At the top of their list was the company’s ability to be ‘green’. We prioritize recycling as much waste as possible, supporting the British manufacture industry and minimising waste where feasible. The name Verdi is a great fit! It draws on the brands identity of sustainability whilst nodding to the kind of quality that Ryan and Damien are keen to offer.

    It’s all well and good having a great name, but how do we deliver on this?

    1. All of the windows and doors Verdi supply are British made. This reduces the carbon footprint compared to having things shipped in from overseas; All of the windows and doors are manufactured to an A rating as standard. Meaning that they perform as well as look good.
    2. Our windows are also Double Glazed! This style of window traps Argon gas between two window panes. This gas is a poor conductor of mean, meaning it stays trapped in your home. As well as retaining heat, it reduces the amount energy usage in your home, as the necessity for heating is less. Due to this, CO2 emissions can be reduced also!
    3. We have regular visits from local scrap yards to collect and recycle our waste; Also, our Warehouse Manager, does a sterling job of separating what can be given a new lease of life from what can’t.
    4. Before undertaking service calls we ask for photographs of the issue as well as the product, this enables us to reduce the number of visits required and therefore minimises.
    5. You may have noticed our site boards left outside properties once we have completed an installation; we are proud to say our site boards are 100% recyclable under band 5, this means that although we do try and reuse them as many times as possible ourselves, once they have been well loved they can go on to become something new.

    At Verdi, we see the climate crisis as a major issue in today’s society. Whether it’s local, or on a global scale. We feel that it is our duty make this one of our priorities! By fulfilling the points above, we can confidently say that Verdi is contributing to the battle for a green future.

    To learn more about how we are ‘Going Green‘, check out our Verdi Guarantee here.

    Or maybe you want to learn more about our green products? Click here.

    Customer After Care at Verdi Home Improvements

    Customer after care at Verdi Home Improvements. Here at Verdi Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen. Taking on board our customers feedback and looking at ways in which our company can improve and develop is at the heart of our working ethos.

    With this in mind, we created our fabulous, dedicated After Care team. Made up of two key departments; our Service Team and Customer Care.

    There are a plethora of reasons why a call back may be required…

    Mitch is our Service Manager. He also heads up a small team of experts who specialise in returning to jobs. They will fix any number of issues that have arisen at the point of installation. There are a plethora of reasons why a call back may be required. Something as simple as our ever changing British weather can have an impact on a uPVC door in a South facing location.

    Whilst Mitch has not been part of the Verdi family for very long. His roots deeply plant within the Home Improvement sector. Mitch has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an installer as well as from working within manufacture. Mitch is a real asset to our team and along with our Service Engineers, is doing a fantastic job of offering a high quality after care service in the quickest turnaround time possible.

    In order to support and supplement the hard work of Mitch and his team. We also have a Customer Care Department, headed up by Catherine, our Customer Care Manager. Catherine joined our team just after Easter and has already proved herself to be an integral part of the Verdi workforce. Catherine is dedicated to working hard to ensure our Customer’s happiness and is available to speak to at any stage in the installation process.

    If you have had the benefit of the support of a member of our After Care team. We would love to hear your feedback, please do contact us at reception@verdihomeimprovements.co.uk.

    You can also visit our website, click here!

    Statement from the Directors: Verdi Home Improvements & Online Reviews

    Verdi Home Improvements & Online Reviews. As a family run business, Verdi Home Improvements have worked very hard over the past 10 years, through extremely difficult times. Over the last 2 years we have fought to retain staff, keep our business afloat, and accommodated customer requirements. All to try to keep our reputation and brand solid. Unfortunately (like all businesses) we don’t always get it right and this shows across our multiple review platforms.

    “Please don’t jump to conclusions if you see poor reviews, speak to us!”

    Some reviews are false (most platforms do not work with companies to remove reviews that are false) and some are genuine. However, in most cases, there are mitigating circumstances that can be beyond our control. We are not deflecting the blame (hence why we keep our review platforms live). We accept responsibility and, in all cases, try to resolve any issues amicably. Unfortunately, try as we might, it doesn’t always work out. This can result in a poor review but in many circumstances, the full background of the project cannot and should not be published on the internet. Therefore, please don’t jump to conclusions if you see poor reviews, speak to us! We are more than happy to discuss any reviews, apparent poor experiences, and comments about our workmanship.

    We take pride in our work and for every 1 poor review we have LOTS of excellent reviews. Taking all feedback as an opportunity to improve. Our dedicated customer care team are here to help you throughout all interactions with Verdi staff. It is our ambition to ensure every customer of Verdi is a happy one. We use the word ‘ambition’ deliberately, as we are not so bold as to try and convince anyone that we are perfect. But we do not rest on our laurels and are constantly striving to be better.

    Please contact us anytime at customercare@verdihomeimprovements.co.uk if you are worried about reviews or if you have any issues you need to discuss.

    You can leave any reviews on Verdi using Google, Trust Pilot, TrustaTrader, Yell & Facebook.

    Or you can learn more about us by visiting our website here.

    Home Improvements Ready for the Football

    Home improvements, ready for the football. England have reached the knockouts of Euro 2020! We love this time of year, and the football is making it even more enjoyable. Euros 2020 is being hosted across Europe this year. However, for obvious reasons making the trip to support the 3 Lions isn’t so simple. So, whether you can make it Wembley or not, you can still bring the football home!

    We love hosting our friends and loved ones, but sometimes you have to do a bit of maintenance to make our homes presentable. These tasks can range from cleaning, all the way to a whole new living space! So, here’s a few ideas we suggest for getting your home ready for the football.

    Firstly, we need to make sure that our home looks spruced up. Here are 3 easy ways to do this…

    1. Treat and remove damp/mould – This can be done by firstly, cleaning the stain, with vinegar being a popular home remedy, and then using damp seal, and paint to prevent further issues.
    2. Clean out your roof & gutters – We always must stress; this can be a dangerous task as suggest professional help. However, cleaning the material from your gutters is always important for preventing further problems and roof damage.  
    3. Work on your landscaping – This seems obvious to us but taking care of you garden is vital for this time of year and should be done so that you can watch the football in a comfortable environment.

    No that your garden is up to scratch, we can start to think of other ways we can make home improvements. National BBQ Week is this coming week, and what great timing! We can watch the football, as burgers cook over the fire. However, unfortunately this is still the UK, and the weather doesn’t always ‘play ball’. One way that Verdi can offer a solution to this is our Canopies! If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, this could be for you! Our canopies offer an open concept that creates a happy medium between enjoying the British Summertime, and still keeping that cover for if the heavens start to open when you’re watching the football.

    You can take this one step further; with the Conservatories we can supply you too at Verdi. This could be perfect for those who are thinking ahead, with the World Cup coming around next year, in Winter!  A conservatory bridges the gap between the outside, and in. So, while it may not be BBQ weather for the football next year, you can still make the most of the daylight, while keeping yourself warm.

    If you are looking to enjoy the rest of football this year, in style, then check out our products on the Verdi Home Improvements websites here.

    Come on England!

    A Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

    Environmentally friendly improvements at Verdi. We often see homes that are aging, with features that maybe aren’t necessarily energy efficient. This is due to the lack of importance put on to the environment in the past. Nowadays though, people’s priorities have changed. For example, the environment has (rightly) become a major issue for many people, and these concerns are prevalent when it comes to the products people are buying for their homes.

    However, no matter how environmentally conscious we are, some of the products we use in the home could be doing more harm than good. Here’s a quick list of things that may seem harmless but can actually contribute to the environmental damage of our planet:

    Windows & Doors

    For windows that don’t hold multi-glazing properties. We can guarantee they will waste energy, and your home will not retain the optimal heat that it produces!

    Poor Insulation

    Similar to windows, a lack of insulation can cause for heat energy to be wasted. However it can also lead to a plethora of other issues both unrelated, and related to the environment. For example the transfer of pollutants!

    Household Products

    Even individual household products can have negative effects on the environment. For example, your kettle, toiletries, light bulbs and a range of other items. These can either be energy wasting, made from harmful materials, or can’t be recycled!

    Home Maintenance

    We understand that everyone’s home needs looking after. However, the process of doing so, may not be considered eco-friendly. This can stretch from within the home, but also out into your garden. If you still use a Petrol mower, this can obviously cause harm to the environment as it releases harmful gases from the fossil fuels it uses!

    Building Materials

    The final area we want to point out is the materials that are used when home improvements are made. While much has changed in recent times, many materials used still are not necessarily produced in eco-friendly ways. They either require a lot of energy to manufacture, or do not come from recycled materials!

    We don’t want this to seem all doom and gloom though! All of these issues are being resolved. Modern technology means that alternative methods are being created. This is combating the environmental issues that come with home improvement.

    One way we are doing our part at Verdi is the smarter products we supply. Our clever products are produced from materials that we can guarantee, come from 100% recycled materials as we do our part to protect the environment we live in!

    We recommend you check to see if areas in your home are as environemtal as they can be!

    If you want to access our environmentally friendly products for your home, Click here.

    Conservatory Maintenance at Verdi Home Improvements

    Conservatory maintenance. You’ve just got your brand-new conservatory installed. It’s looking fresh, the finish is crisp, and it has completely revamped the look of your home. All done and dusted, right? Actually, to keep this new look, you need to frequently maintain your conservatory, and we can help you with this, in this blog!

    There are a range of conservatories, from Victorian and Georgian, to P-Shape and T-shape. All of which Verdi Home Improvements design and install. While they all have different looks, and benefits they bring. The maintenance needs required for each of them are universal.

    There are some common issues we find in conservatories. We often find that the roofs of conservatories are covered in foliage, mould, or Fungi. Firstly, this can ruin the look of your conservatory. It is important once you have your conservatory, that you clean out the gutters. Also, it may seem unlikely, but if left unkempt we can often see this damaged your conservatory.

    It may seem obvious, but we can’t stress this enough. We believe the key word here is, frequency. Your conservatory will remain bright, and vibrant if you maintain it constantly over time. Otherwise, it can look tired from many factors, both interior and exterior.

    For example, we’d say condensation is a very common issue. This occurs when warm air meets cold. Factors such as humidity in your home, or simply when it’s colder in Winter, can instigate condensation. This can be such an eyesore, and also present damaging health effects, as it leads to damp/mould. There are a couple ways we’d advise you to manage this. One easy way would be to well ventilate your conservatory. They are effective at ventilation anyway, so by just opening windows and allowing air to pass through. This can control and reduce this process. However, often it isn’t your fault that this occurs, so you must keep on top of the situation and get it amended as soon as possible.

    Some other do’s and don’ts we’d recommend with conservatory maintenance would be, to look after the glass as this makes up the structure of the build. However, don’t use a pressure washer! It can easily damage the seals and coating of your conservatory.

    While all of this is important, you must stay safe!

    While there are some things you can do yourself, sometimes it’s worth just leaving it to the professionals. Climbing on your conservatory roof is dangerous and isn’t worth the injury.  Professionals will resolve any damages, leaks, algae problems etc. You can even find companies who will deep clean your conservatory. This can cost more, but the end result will be noticeably better.

    Verdi Home Improvements offer a comprehensive warranty scheme backed by a 10-year warranty policy by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA).

    If you are interested in an informal discussion and design consultation with Verdi conservatory, View our selection here.

    Wall & Roof Coatings at Verdi Home Improvements

    Wall and Roof coatings that we use at Verdi are supplied by ProPerla. This product is designed to retain warmth and reduce damping of your walls. This is due to its thermal insulating properties. Properties include its Hygrothermal performance to retain heat. High breathability lets moisture escape from building materials. Properla coatings are also highly water repellent due to the super hydrophobic properties. Finally, ProPerla coatings are highly durable, with a 25-year performance.

    ProPerla Wall & Roof Coatings repel water and dirt using the latest Nanotechnology. Whilst keeping your home dry, clean and attractive. It is also proven to reduce moss and lichen re-growth. This product comes verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

    We treat surfaces with masonry cream because they insulate mineral building materials by reducing water absorption. Masonry cream chemically bonds to the surface creating an invisible insulation barrier.

    Super hydrophobic treatment has a highly breathable system unlike traditional roof sealers. The one-coat clear protection creates a self-cleaning surface. It also extends the lifespan of all mineral building surfaces including roof tiles. We guarantee a proven, high quality performance.

    ProPerla waterproof masonry paints & coatings are rigorously & independently tested.

    ProPerla products are also certified to give you peace of mind. This testing ensures the highest quality product and performance.

    You can see from the images (above) how much ProPerla coatings can change the look of your home. The first is before a job. The second is after the job was complete. The difference aesthetically, is clear. However, the coating we use will protect this home from harmful damp. We believe this is the highest quality product available for its function. This is why we use ProPerla roof and wall coatings.

    If you want to learn more about ProPerla Ltd, follow this link.

    Or if you want to enquire about any other of our services, click here.

    Customer reviews

    Customer reviews for Verdi Home Improvements.

    Verdi Home Improvements prides itself on delivering friendly, efficient service to all of our customers. From the first moment our sales team meets you, through to the completion of your works, Verdi makes sure you are informed throughout.

    We have numerous review platforms which enables our customers to comment on their experience with our staff.

    One such industry-leading platform is Trust A Trader

    Customer reviews

    Their 5-star trader average rating gives you a simple, honest review platform to assess our business. We have partnered with them for a number of years to allow customer reviews to be published.

    Focusing on areas of importance to you (our customers) including

    Initial Impression

    Was the trader polite and helpful at first contact? Did they understand your work requirements and clearly explain their plans?


    Was work done with care, to minimise dust, dirt, and any damage to your property? Was any mess cleared up properly after?


    Did you feel the completed work was good value for the agreed cost? Were any products purchased by the trader appropriate in cost?


    Did the trader arrive on time, on every day that they were carrying out work for you? Were any breaks a reasonable length of time?


    Were you happy with the standard of work? Was every aspect of the job given enough attention and finished to your expectations?

    Overall Opinion

    Did the finished work meet or exceed your expectations or were you disappointed? Rate your level of satisfaction as a whole.

    As well as “missed appointments in the last 6 month”

    If you visit our Trustatrader page you will see GENUINE reviews from our customers.

    4.78 out of 5 stars

    Customer reviews

    This shows the Verdi Home Improvements deliver an excellent service from start to finish.

    We always appreciate the time it takes for people to review us, this includes good and bad reviews. Why do we mention ‘bad’? In most cases, many companies try to “HIDE” bad reviews but Verdi accepts in some cases that we may not have reached the heights of 5 stars. This is important for us to improve our business, the only way we get better is by knowing where we have gone wrong. This is why we use open platforms and do not remove poor reviews.

    As you would expect though, in a very competitive market place, we are also victims of ‘false’ reviews. These could be from competitors or people who just wish to damage our business reputation.

    Customer reviews