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How Verdi Conservatories Deal with the Heat

21 Jul 2022

How Verdi Conservatories deal with the heat. If you saw last month’s blog, you could say we can see into the future. You could also say how wrong we were! We gave our readers a few tips and tricks on how to deal with the ‘hottest day of the year’. We certainly didn’t see this week’s heat wave coming at that time! After all of the commotion the soaring temperatures brought this week, we thought we’d share how our Conservatories manage the heat.

The temperatures we saw this week can easily damage properties, with much of the UK’s home infrastructure not being equipped to manage this. Whether it’s damage to your roof, foundations or garden, hot weather can cause significant issues. With most Conservatories being designed to last a lifetime though, they should survive this extreme heat.

Now, before we look at the Conservatories we supply, we want to make one thing clear. The Monday and Tuesday heatwave had us sweating just sitting down. We are aware that this kind of heat is probably a tad too warm to sit in any Conservatory! But what about the rest of the year? After all, it’s still the UK…

Here’s a closer look at some of our Conservatory options & how they manage heat:

The Victorian:


The Gable-End:


  • Structurally reinforced
  • Fanlights & coloured glass to keep your room cool
  • Bi-fold doors for ventilation
  • Top, centre & bottom hook bolts to provide maximum security

The Lean-to:


  • Back-locking handles
  • Rooflights to encourage light into your room & rainwater products to account for the British Summer Time
  • Choice of glass roof options & specifications
  • 8 Point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size.

As you can see, the Victorian and Gable-End Conservatory styles both are supplied with features that are efficient at dealing with warm temperatures during the Summer months. With their open layouts and wide opening doors, these styles allow lots of airflow to help cool you down.

Similarly, the Lean-to style is ideal for the Summer months! With its versatility in offering ventilation from side and roof vents, you can let that heat out, ready for you to relax. Like much of our Conservatory range, these 3 products share many features, so you can pick whichever you prefer!

As you can see, every style of Conservatory is unique. The variety of features each style is equipped with helps them to manage heat in different ways so that you can enjoy your room even in heat waves (just hopefully not as warm as this week).

At Verdi, we offer plenty of options when it comes to having a new Verdi Conservatory in your home. You can view the entire range by clicking here.

If you would like to enquire about any of the products we have mentioned, you can get in touch with Verdi by filling out the form below!