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Windows & Doors from Verdi to Help you Beat Inflation

Windows and doors from Verdi to help you beat inflation. We’ve all seen the news. You’re probably tired of hearing the doom and gloom on the news. We are too! We want to try and flip the script here at Verdi and actually provide you with some solutions that we can supply.

Energy costs are rising. But how is inflation affecting our costs?

Between the pandemic and the current situation in Eastern Europe. The demand for energy has increased, and therefore so has the price. This is having a knock-on effect on the rest of our costs, and we are beginning to see this, with energy prices rising for homeowners.

So, here’s what we can do to help at Verdi. We have products that can help you to tackle inflation. Newer, energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce the cost of heating your home! All our window and door products are labelled with a BFRC rating. This label clearly defines the performance level of each product, in terms of energy efficiency. With ratings, A-C considered energy-efficient, and this is exactly where our Window and Door products sit between. Our products, therefore, insulate your home through technology such as double glazing and weatherseal gasket. You won’t have to turn on your heating and can save on those rising energy bills.

Luckily, the temperature is still high enough for us to not worry as much about energy costs. However, we’re already halfway through August and Autumn is just around the corner. It’s time we were proactive and got ahead of inflation before the temperatures drop and the nights draw in. Window and Door installations are fast, easy, and overall, inexpensive. This means they could be the perfect solution! You need to give yourself time to properly prepare your home for the Autumn and Winter months.

You may have noticed that the theme of this post is to be proactive. We all hope these tough times will come to an end sooner rather than later, and no doubt inflation will come to an end. So, how can we look past these times? Increasing the value of your home could be a potentially great way to put yourself in a better position post-inflation. Adding home improvements as we have mentioned here could increase the value of your homes, as well as improve its energy efficiency, both saving you money and setting you up for the future.

At Verdi, we offer plenty of options when it comes to having new Verdi Windows & Doors in your home. You can view the entire range by clicking here.

If you would like to enquire about any of the products we have mentioned, you can get in touch with Verdi by filling out the form below!

    Summer Heatwaves & Keeping Your Home Cool

    Summer heatwaves and keeping your home cool! We’ve been wondering when Summer would show its face in the UK! Britain is expected to see its hottest day of the year so far this weekend. Hopefully, Summertime has begun! So, what better time to explain why we should keep our homes cool this, Summer?

    Before we go into cooling our homes. How do ‘warm’ temperatures affect our houses? Warm for the UK at least! Realistically, t’s probably not hot enough to do significant damage to our properties. However, there are things we can still protect! Take our flooring for example. If you have carpet, sustained sunlight can bleach its fibres. You might expect this to brighten the colour, but it actually has the opposite, fading effect! What about a hardwood floor? This relates to heat. With temperatures fluctuating during Summer in the UK, the wood expands and contracts. This can lead to your floor warping and becoming uneven. While less likely to occur, it’s still worth looking out for as the last thing we need to pay for at the moment is avoidable repairs. This brings us to our next point!

    We are all aware of the rising cost of living here in the UK. Rising energy prices in the home are starting to become quite significant and we should be thinking of ways to reduce this. Luckily, Summertime means we can keep lights off for longer. On hot days like this weekend though, we can try to keep our homes cool naturally, rather than through A/C, which we will talk about later.

    It’s simple and we all know the answer really. It’s air movement! Shall we get a bit scientific? Faster moving air displaces the warm air, and this then cools our skin. Fans are obviously great for this, but we want to reduce energy costs. So, just open your windows!

    Sticking to this topic, we wanted to compare A/C and Window systems. So, here are some benefits and negatives of each when it comes to cooling our homes!

    Windows in Summer:

    Benefits –

    • Save on energy costs
    • Allow fresh air to filter through your home
    • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Negatives –

    • Pollen can trigger Hay Fever
    • Can increase humidity

    Air Conditioning in Summer:

    Benefits –

    • Fewer insects flying into your home
    • Better home security
    • Cooler temperatures (obviously)

    Negatives –

    • Sick building syndrome symptoms such as a scratchy throat
    • Build of moisture and fungus or mould

    It’s a bit of a myth that opening your windows while it’s hot, actually cools your home. However, this doesn’t mean Windows aren’t the solution! Having Window units with effective insulation means your home will stay at the perfect temperature even in Summer. It will also certainly help you to save on energy cost in the long-term.

    We want everyone to be comfortable during the weekend’s heatwave! Maybe you don’t have A/C or well-insulated window systems? Luckily Summer hasn’t officially begun yet! You can get your new units from Verdi, check out the range here.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

      Recent Posts

      First Home Improvements to Make a as a New Homeowner

      First Home Improvements to Make a as a New Homeowner. At Verdi, we believe there has never been a better time to become a new homeowner! The Government Mortgage Scheme allows for new buyers to only pay a 5% deposit. This makes for a less stressful decision. However, the scheme only runs until December of this year, so be quick! For those who have made the big step on to the financial ladder (and anyone else reading of course), we want to delve into the first home improvements you should make when making purchasing a property.

      “More than half (58.7%) of burglars gain entry through the front door”


      Whether you’re looking to buy or let, we always stress here at Verdi, that home security trumps everything else. Feeling safe within your home should be the bare minimum and that’s why it should be one of the first home improvements you make. So, what can you do to ensure this is the case? Well, home security can come in different forms. For example, take the range of doors we supply here at Verdi. It may come as a surprise, but “more than half (58.7%) of burglars gain entry through the front door,” as stated by NimbleFins. We mention this stat because it even shocked us! The doors we supply at Verdi are designed to prevent this, with features such as a 6-point locking system, so that you know you’re safe!

      example of door installation from verdi

      The next home improvements you should make are things you can do yourself, throughout the tenure of owning your home. Making your home aesthetically pleasing doesn’t really have any downsides. It can make us happy, your tenants happy and will obviously raise the value of the property. These 3 things are a landscaping, curb appeal and a simple lick of paint.


      Not something we do here at Verdi, but having a garden space and more importantly, one that is cared for can raise the value of your home!

      Curb Appeal

      You may wonder what this is. But curb appeal is basically what it says on the tin. Making ‘your curb space’ and the area around your home look appealing will encourage prospective buyers if you ever were to sell.

      Fresh Paint

      This one is simple. We all know the state older builds can be in. We believe that this is the bare minimum for freshening your home and making it your own!

      Another one the first home improvements you should make is improving its energy efficiency. Many new builds are designed to meet much higher standards. However, we’re realistic at Verdi. Many first-time buyers are more likely to purchase an older build, more as a project if you will. These types of properties may be poor is this area and so changes should be made to properly modernise your home as a long-term investment (which we’ll get to later). Some examples of changes you could make could be insulation, or draught proofing through new double-glazed windows, which you can get here at Verdi!

      The final option for your first home improvements comes down to health and safety. This one is important. We need to always check different aspects of a property and make sure that everything is check. These areas include:

      • Electrical appliances
      • Heating appliances
      • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors
      • Fire safety & escape routes

      If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, it could be worth calling in a professional to help. This is particularly important for landlords who carry a duty of care for their tenants.

      So there we have it! Whether your a first time buyer, or an experienced property-investor. These things could get your project started off to a winner! We know this type of purchase can a stressful but very fulfilling mission and we hope this can help you even just a little bit!

      We can help you make some of these home improvements here at Verdi, just check out our product range here!

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        Choosing the Best Home Improvements this Winter with Verdi

        Choosing the best home improvements this Winter with Verdi. We love the Winter months! With the falling snow (hopefully) and festivities, it can be a really magical time! As we wrap up warm for the cold though, we should also take into consideration the harm this season can have on our homes.

        Unfortunately, cold weather can degrade our homes. And this can lead to issues both financially, but also to your quality of living! You can prevent this from happening, but we first need to know what to look for. One of the obvious causes of damage, is cold and fluctuating weather. These rapidly changing temperatures can cause fractures in both, your windows, and doors. Damage to the structure of your home can lead to a build-up in moisture as both rain and snow falls at a higher rate. Leading to issues such as, Mould, Draught and Rotting. These issues can even follow through to Spring, as termites thrive in these environments. Finally, more ‘blusterous’ weather can damage the exterior of your home. Your roof for example!

        So, how do we prevent these issues from occurring in Winter?

        Well, based on what we have already mentioned thus far, how can we protect the most vulnerable areas of our property? These different characteristics of Winter can heavily impact Gutters, Doors, Windows and our home’s Roofs. Let’s look at them in some more detail…


        Gutters are an essential part of our homes. They collect the run-off water from your roof, protecting your property’s foundations. Unfortunately for us, Winter is usually very… wet. So, any damages can be heightened as more snow and rain falls. To protect our gutters, we can use Fascias!

        As rotted wood is replaced with fascia boards, we can use them to support our gutters, as a much more durable solution, so that you don’t have to worry about this in the future.

        Windows & Doors:

        It goes without saying, keeping your home secure is so important. However, Winter can sometimes have other ideas. Ever-changing temperatures cause wood to freeze, and warm. This, overtime, leads to cracks in your Door Frames and the Caulk around your Windows. As well as creating a draught which can lead to mould and more. A weakened structure to these areas can reduce security in your home.

        Being attentive to these issues is key, but if you miss anything. There are home improvements that can help! Whether it’s highly secure, Tilt & Turn Windows or Patio Doors with 4-point locking systems. Verdi products can help you to prepare your home for the Wintertime.


        We all hope for a white Christmas, yet forget to protect our homes from the snow! Snow and more importantly, ice, can again, lead to cracks in your property’s Roof. And no one wants a leaky Roof, do they? A leak in your roof can lead to mould, and even ice damming. This is where ice forms at the edge of your Roof, causing ice to melt behind and seep into your walls.

        Luckily for you, Verdi has its own roof maintenance service! We want to help our customers have a healthy Roof, and we provide a full cleaning and maintenance service!

        So, now we know some key areas that we can protect from the harsh Winter weathers. This is great! But now it’s time to be proactive, rather than reactive. Now is the perfect time to make these home improvements. We’ve already see frosty mornings as we approach December, so don’t leave it, until it’s too late!

        Think you need any of the home improvements mentioned in this blog? Click here!

        Want to keep up tp date with us at Verdi Home Improvements? Like us on Facebook here!

        Halloween, Bonfire Night & Autumn Preparations with Verdi

        Halloween, Bonfire night and Autumn preparations with Verdi! As we approach the end of October, it’s time we got serious about prepping for the Autumn season. It’s going to be a typical busy next few month. With Halloween, Bonfire night, and dare we mention the ‘C’ word. We can all do a bit to get our homes ready for the season, as the temperatures begin to fall.

        We’ll start with getting our homes ready for Autumn in general. As the temperatures drop, and the night draw in. There are a few ways you, and we can help to ensure you’re cosy this Autumn. To battle the cold weather, we luckily have access to heating in our homes. However, we all know how costly this can become during these Autumnal months. So, to battle this, we can use insulation! Maybe you’ve noticed a draft in your house somewhere? Well with Double Glazed windows, and their vacuum between two panes. Heat can’t escape, and the cold can’t enter, to put it simply. We have a wide selection of window choices here at Verdi, if this is an issue you are experiencing.

        But this blog isn’t all about the chores we have got! Let’s get into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween and Bonfire night! With the Trick or Treaters soon to be knocking on our doors, we can give them a little fright with the decorations on our windows and doors. Whether it’s Pumpkins, paper silhouettes, spooky wreaths and banners, or just simply some fake Spider’s web, we can have a fantastic spooky season! However, Halloween is only 1 night of the year, and we don’t want to leave lasting damage on our homes, do we? To prevent this, Verdi advises to avoid putting up decorations with Nails, or even some types of tape for that matter. This can be a nightmare to remove.

        And just as we think the FRIGHT-ivities are over. We then have Bonfire night, after Halloween!

        A lot of people like to go out on the 5th of November to see their community’s firework display. Unfortunately, though, this presents an opportunity for burglars to make their move. Bonfire night is actually the worst day of the year for burglaries! It’s up to us to keep our homes secure. Well luckily, you can also rely on Verdi! All of the doors we can supply have a variety of locking features. But even our windows are secure! For example, our Sac Shootbolt System has the following features…

        • 8 Point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size.
        • Unique full depth eurogroove lock-out design to maximize security performance.
        • 400% more shootbolt contact area with keep when compared to traditional flat shootbolts.
        • Unique anti-slip and lock detail to shootbolt head.
        • Supaglide gearbox action, tested to 100,000 cycles (equivalent to 30 years of heavy use).

        So, we have a busy month couple of months ahead! We hope that everyone has a great time on Halloween and Bonfire night! Most importantly though, we hope everyone stays safe. If you think you need some home improvements like the ones we have mentioned, then please, use Verdi!

        To view our secure Windows and Doors, click here.

        Check us out on social media! Click here.

        Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements

        Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements. Ever wonder where the name Verdi came from? Well, here’s your answer. Verdi means green in Italian.

        When Ryan and Damien first started talking about setting up the company ten years ago, they created a list of qualities that they wanted their brand to be known for.  At the top of their list was the company’s ability to be ‘green’. We prioritize recycling as much waste as possible, supporting the British manufacture industry and minimising waste where feasible. The name Verdi is a great fit! It draws on the brands identity of sustainability whilst nodding to the kind of quality that Ryan and Damien are keen to offer.

        It’s all well and good having a great name, but how do we deliver on this?

        1. All of the windows and doors Verdi supply are British made. This reduces the carbon footprint compared to having things shipped in from overseas; All of the windows and doors are manufactured to an A rating as standard. Meaning that they perform as well as look good.
        2. Our windows are also Double Glazed! This style of window traps Argon gas between two window panes. This gas is a poor conductor of mean, meaning it stays trapped in your home. As well as retaining heat, it reduces the amount energy usage in your home, as the necessity for heating is less. Due to this, CO2 emissions can be reduced also!
        3. We have regular visits from local scrap yards to collect and recycle our waste; Also, our Warehouse Manager, does a sterling job of separating what can be given a new lease of life from what can’t.
        4. Before undertaking service calls we ask for photographs of the issue as well as the product, this enables us to reduce the number of visits required and therefore minimises.
        5. You may have noticed our site boards left outside properties once we have completed an installation; we are proud to say our site boards are 100% recyclable under band 5, this means that although we do try and reuse them as many times as possible ourselves, once they have been well loved they can go on to become something new.

        At Verdi, we see the climate crisis as a major issue in today’s society. Whether it’s local, or on a global scale. We feel that it is our duty make this one of our priorities! By fulfilling the points above, we can confidently say that Verdi is contributing to the battle for a green future.

        To learn more about how we are ‘Going Green‘, check out our Verdi Guarantee here.

        Or maybe you want to learn more about our green products? Click here.

        Autumn Preparation here at Verdi Home Improvements

        Autumn Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements. We can’t believe it’s September already! We must be having too much fun here at Verdi. Autumn is quickly approaching, and it’s time for us to start getting our home ready for the dropping temperatures. Not that this Summer has been particularly warm! There’s a whole host of ways we can do this, and we’ll break in down for you…


        We’ll start with the garden. Autumn can put your garden through the races, so it’s important to keep the damage to a minimum. For example, some plants are more robust and suited to colder weather. It’s worth replacing your flowers with these types of plants, and to also trim and tidy any dead or tired plants in your flower beds. Also, with the weather being colder. You’ll likely be spending less time outside so don’t forget to move your outdoor furniture inside!


        Next, we’ll move to the entrance of your homes. Autumn weather can often be dreary, and we don’t want our homes to be the same! We’d start by checking for any damage. Porches can often be neglected, and cracks in patio etc., can easily appear. Before anything, these damages should be amended. After this, we can begin to properly battle the Autumn blues through something as simple as a quick lick of paint! Refreshing your porches with a vibrant colour could brighten up yours, or someone else’s day on those drab Autumn days. At Verdi, we can help you with this! Maybe your porch is looking tired, or maybe you don’t have one at all? Verdi has a selection of porches design specs to help brighten up your home this Autumn.


        A main aspect of a porch, and in fact the rest of your home. So how can you prep these for Autumn too? Well firstly, like the porch, there is potentially damage to your windows too. For example, damage to the frames may be more difficult to notice, but these can lead to drafts in your home and a lack of insulation. There are different ways you can fix this. You can mend these cracks via sealing and caulking gaps around the window, to installing double glazing (we’d recommend professional help for this), to something as simple as putting up blinds and curtains to retain the heat in your homes. Luckily for you, Verdi has a wide selection of windows to choose from for you to keep your homes warm this Autumn!

        Living Spaces

        Finally, we’ll move on to the living spaces of our homes. Now that we have insulated our homes, we want to get all cosy. So, it’s time to get the fireplace tidy, curtains drawn and heating on! But what about alternatives living spaces, like Conservatories? With the daylight drawing in earlier and earlier, we should make the most of the sunlight while we can. A Conservatory can be perfect for this as it acts as a buffer between the outside and in, while keeping warm in the colder months! At Verdi, we can supply you with a whole range of different Conservatories for you to keep warm this Autumn!

        Get your home ready for the Autumn months with Verdi products, view them here.

        Or you can visit our Facebook page here.

        A Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

        Environmentally friendly improvements at Verdi. We often see homes that are aging, with features that maybe aren’t necessarily energy efficient. This is due to the lack of importance put on to the environment in the past. Nowadays though, people’s priorities have changed. For example, the environment has (rightly) become a major issue for many people, and these concerns are prevalent when it comes to the products people are buying for their homes.

        However, no matter how environmentally conscious we are, some of the products we use in the home could be doing more harm than good. Here’s a quick list of things that may seem harmless but can actually contribute to the environmental damage of our planet:

        Windows & Doors

        For windows that don’t hold multi-glazing properties. We can guarantee they will waste energy, and your home will not retain the optimal heat that it produces!

        Poor Insulation

        Similar to windows, a lack of insulation can cause for heat energy to be wasted. However it can also lead to a plethora of other issues both unrelated, and related to the environment. For example the transfer of pollutants!

        Household Products

        Even individual household products can have negative effects on the environment. For example, your kettle, toiletries, light bulbs and a range of other items. These can either be energy wasting, made from harmful materials, or can’t be recycled!

        Home Maintenance

        We understand that everyone’s home needs looking after. However, the process of doing so, may not be considered eco-friendly. This can stretch from within the home, but also out into your garden. If you still use a Petrol mower, this can obviously cause harm to the environment as it releases harmful gases from the fossil fuels it uses!

        Building Materials

        The final area we want to point out is the materials that are used when home improvements are made. While much has changed in recent times, many materials used still are not necessarily produced in eco-friendly ways. They either require a lot of energy to manufacture, or do not come from recycled materials!

        We don’t want this to seem all doom and gloom though! All of these issues are being resolved. Modern technology means that alternative methods are being created. This is combating the environmental issues that come with home improvement.

        One way we are doing our part at Verdi is the smarter products we supply. Our clever products are produced from materials that we can guarantee, come from 100% recycled materials as we do our part to protect the environment we live in!

        We recommend you check to see if areas in your home are as environemtal as they can be!

        If you want to access our environmentally friendly products for your home, Click here.

        Tilt & Turn Windows from Verdi Home Improvements

        Tilt & Turn Windows Available from Verdi Home Improvements. Windows look transparent. But there is actually much more to a window, beyond what meets the eye. While you relax in your home, you almost take for granted what role windows play. 

        As we move through the Winter season, the time for daylight is narrow. It’s easy for us to feel flat, or dreary as you blend with the grey surroundings. A high-quality window brings colour into your home. it enhances the mood of each and every one of us to make the day brighter, as sun rays creep around the walls of our home.

        Tilt & Turn Windows from Verdi Home Improvements

        While selecting a window, you can find yourself spoilt for choice. A few options Verdi Home Improvements provide include Casement, Tilt & Turn, and Vertical slider windows, each having their own specific characteristics.

        Take the Tilt & Turn window. As you can probably gather from the name, this style of window twists, from 90 to 180 degrees. So, as well as flooding your home with daylight, this type of window can improve ventilation. Verdi supply this product due to its high-quality standard. Galvanised steel reinforcement, internal glazing, an espagnolette locking system, amongst a range of other benefits, as well as a vast choice of finish options. The Tilt & Turn window exemplifies the elaborate makeup of windows, with different characteristics providing different benefits.

        Tilt & Turn Windows from Verdi Home Improvements

        Benefits that windows provide are significant for your home. How secure is your home? Does it function well throughout the year? How does it impact the environment?

        All windows supplied by Verdi Home Improvements feature certified energy rating and are supplied with a BFRC label.

        Feeling secure and safe is the most important aspect of your home. And this is an important consideration when selecting windows. Protection is found in different ways dependant on the window’s style. The Tilt & Turn window provides various ways of keeping you safe, for example, it has a concealed perimeter locking system, white locking handles, as well as the espagnollete locking system.

        As a home improvement company, we pride ourselves on offering a quality service. We supply windows, conservatories, doors, and more across the midlands. Our dedicated team provides a helpful service, across every aspect of our company. Check us out on Facebook or visit our products on the Verdi Home Improvements website.

        Click below to request more information