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Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal & Verdi Home Improvements

Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal & Verdi Home Improvements. Christmas is right around the corner! It’s such a magical time for most, as people spend quality time, giving presents to their loved ones. However, at Verdi, we understand that this, unfortunately, isn’t the case for some. This bringing us on to our involvement in Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal.

Before talking about our own involvement, we thought we’d let you know what the Christmas Toy Appeal is. The Appeal was started by Varney’s, as they look to help those less fortunate, within their community. In Leicestershire alone, there are 5000 children of whom are living in poverty, through no fault of their own. Like Varney’s, we think this is an absolute travesty! Christmas should be a wonderful time for everyone! The Toy Appeal aims to achieve this by helping these 5000 children. Toy help these children in disadvantaged situations, we, along with everyone involved in the Appeal, support the cause and provide the children with a present to wake up to on Christmas Day!

Varney’s Christmas Toy Appeal and others like it, really bring the local community together. If everyone chips in just a small amount, we together can make a true difference to many of the disadvantaged children in Leicestershire, this Christmas. The appeal works with a variety of local charities, these being:

Be sure to check all of these charities out by clicking the links above!

As well as charities, this appeal bring other local businesses together, every year! And this is where Verdi gets involved. This Christmas, us and other local suppliers have banded together to buy these children brand new presents for the 25th. After purchasing, we all then deliver the toys to the aforementioned charities for them to wrap and deliver to the families, ready to put a smile on the children’s faces! This isn’t the first year that we’ve been a part of the Appeal at Verdi. Last year we managed to raise a total of £1700! This year though, we wanted to do even better. So far, we have managed to collect over £2200! While we’ve already smashed last year’s amount, there is still plenty of time to raise much more. To get this appeal moving, we supply a large contribution at the very beginning, and so now we need your help!

So far, we have managed to collect over £2200!

So, what can you do?  Well, the simple is answer is to donate! We urge everyone from Leicestershire to support their local community and support this cause. There are 2 ways that you can donate this Christmas:

  1. You can donate via their Amazon Wish List, just click here.
  2. You can bring something into Varney’s, South Wigston the next time you go shopping.

The deadline for the Christmas Toy Appeal is the 19th of December, so be sure to make any donations before this date! We hope you can find a little to help a lot.

If you would like to learn more about Varney’s then click here.

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