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How Verdi Conservatories Deal with the Heat

How Verdi Conservatories deal with the heat. If you saw last month’s blog, you could say we can see into the future. You could also say how wrong we were! We gave our readers a few tips and tricks on how to deal with the ‘hottest day of the year’. We certainly didn’t see this week’s heat wave coming at that time! After all of the commotion the soaring temperatures brought this week, we thought we’d share how our Conservatories manage the heat.

The temperatures we saw this week can easily damage properties, with much of the UK’s home infrastructure not being equipped to manage this. Whether it’s damage to your roof, foundations or garden, hot weather can cause significant issues. With most Conservatories being designed to last a lifetime though, they should survive this extreme heat.

Now, before we look at the Conservatories we supply, we want to make one thing clear. The Monday and Tuesday heatwave had us sweating just sitting down. We are aware that this kind of heat is probably a tad too warm to sit in any Conservatory! But what about the rest of the year? After all, it’s still the UK…

Here’s a closer look at some of our Conservatory options & how they manage heat:

The Victorian:


The Gable-End:


  • Structurally reinforced
  • Fanlights & coloured glass to keep your room cool
  • Bi-fold doors for ventilation
  • Top, centre & bottom hook bolts to provide maximum security

The Lean-to:


  • Back-locking handles
  • Rooflights to encourage light into your room & rainwater products to account for the British Summer Time
  • Choice of glass roof options & specifications
  • 8 Point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size.

As you can see, the Victorian and Gable-End Conservatory styles both are supplied with features that are efficient at dealing with warm temperatures during the Summer months. With their open layouts and wide opening doors, these styles allow lots of airflow to help cool you down.

Similarly, the Lean-to style is ideal for the Summer months! With its versatility in offering ventilation from side and roof vents, you can let that heat out, ready for you to relax. Like much of our Conservatory range, these 3 products share many features, so you can pick whichever you prefer!

As you can see, every style of Conservatory is unique. The variety of features each style is equipped with helps them to manage heat in different ways so that you can enjoy your room even in heat waves (just hopefully not as warm as this week).

At Verdi, we offer plenty of options when it comes to having a new Verdi Conservatory in your home. You can view the entire range by clicking here.

If you would like to enquire about any of the products we have mentioned, you can get in touch with Verdi by filling out the form below!

    Summer Heatwaves & Keeping Your Home Cool

    Summer heatwaves and keeping your home cool! We’ve been wondering when Summer would show its face in the UK! Britain is expected to see its hottest day of the year so far this weekend. Hopefully, Summertime has begun! So, what better time to explain why we should keep our homes cool this, Summer?

    Before we go into cooling our homes. How do ‘warm’ temperatures affect our houses? Warm for the UK at least! Realistically, t’s probably not hot enough to do significant damage to our properties. However, there are things we can still protect! Take our flooring for example. If you have carpet, sustained sunlight can bleach its fibres. You might expect this to brighten the colour, but it actually has the opposite, fading effect! What about a hardwood floor? This relates to heat. With temperatures fluctuating during Summer in the UK, the wood expands and contracts. This can lead to your floor warping and becoming uneven. While less likely to occur, it’s still worth looking out for as the last thing we need to pay for at the moment is avoidable repairs. This brings us to our next point!

    We are all aware of the rising cost of living here in the UK. Rising energy prices in the home are starting to become quite significant and we should be thinking of ways to reduce this. Luckily, Summertime means we can keep lights off for longer. On hot days like this weekend though, we can try to keep our homes cool naturally, rather than through A/C, which we will talk about later.

    It’s simple and we all know the answer really. It’s air movement! Shall we get a bit scientific? Faster moving air displaces the warm air, and this then cools our skin. Fans are obviously great for this, but we want to reduce energy costs. So, just open your windows!

    Sticking to this topic, we wanted to compare A/C and Window systems. So, here are some benefits and negatives of each when it comes to cooling our homes!

    Windows in Summer:

    Benefits –

    • Save on energy costs
    • Allow fresh air to filter through your home
    • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Negatives –

    • Pollen can trigger Hay Fever
    • Can increase humidity

    Air Conditioning in Summer:

    Benefits –

    • Fewer insects flying into your home
    • Better home security
    • Cooler temperatures (obviously)

    Negatives –

    • Sick building syndrome symptoms such as a scratchy throat
    • Build of moisture and fungus or mould

    It’s a bit of a myth that opening your windows while it’s hot, actually cools your home. However, this doesn’t mean Windows aren’t the solution! Having Window units with effective insulation means your home will stay at the perfect temperature even in Summer. It will also certainly help you to save on energy cost in the long-term.

    We want everyone to be comfortable during the weekend’s heatwave! Maybe you don’t have A/C or well-insulated window systems? Luckily Summer hasn’t officially begun yet! You can get your new units from Verdi, check out the range here.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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      Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements

      Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements. The warm weather is (hopefully) fast approaching. So, it’s time to get your home spruced up for Summer. Like most, we love this season, due to how beautiful our surroundings become. We think everyone’s home should reflect this!

      So, what are some of these home improvements we can make for Summer? We thought we’d bring you a quick list of just a few different options:

      A Beautiful Entrance…

      Touching up the face of your property creates a great first impression to others, but also makes us happier to, as we feel proud of our home. This is easier than you may think! Just by washing up the exterior with a jet wash, filling in cracks in concrete or doing a tad bit of landscaping/gardening. We can see a huge difference in how our home looks.

      Modernising your Home…

      After the Winter/Autumn seasons, our homes can start to look dull. This isn’t very Summery, is it? Well by looking at modern trends, we can change this. For example, something we see often is the contrast between off-Whites’ and darker Greys. This paint selection really fits into the ‘modern’ aesthetic. Maybe you could add interesting lighting to accentuate areas of your home? We also think that using natural materials like wood in areas of your home is Summer appropriate.

      Energy Saving Solutions…

      As much as we don’t like to think about, we also need to prepare for the next Winter. It’s important to get your home energy efficient through ways, which we mentioned in our last blog! Hopefully this work isn’t as time consuming with those in the trade having more time in their day due to less weather delays etc.

      Roof Repair…

      This point plays into energy saving methods. The cold weather can mean damage and more, to your roof. For example, we often see missing/loose shingles, and especially leaks. It’s also important to clean gutters so there is no standing water.  

      Outdoor Living…

      Finally, the most important thing we think you can do Summer is creating an outdoor living space. We want to make the most of the British Summer Time, as we never know how short it may be. So, ways we can do this is through very socially focused spaces that are weather considerate. We want to catch the sun while avoiding the rain. We also want to be able to host a number of people so get yourself some furniture which can accommodate this!

      With Summer right around the corner, you can undertake some of the basic maintenance work we have mentioned yourself! However, if you need something a little more, Verdi can help! We supply products for all areas we have mentioned. Such as, Conservatories, Porches, Windows, Doors, Canopies and even can offer a roof repair service!

      You can get in touch with us at Verdi through Facebook, or by visiting our website here, if you need help with home improvements for this Summer!