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How Patio Doors can Brighten Your Spring

How Patio doors can brighten your Spring. We’re back with our blogs at Verdi! February is almost over, and you know what that means, we’ve nearly reached Spring! So just before the nice weather shows up, how can you prepare your home? Well one way Verdi can help, is our Patio Doors.

At Verdi, we supply different styles of Patio Doors. We thought we’d share why we think they’re a great choice for your home! The nature of a Patio door means they’re perfect for sunny weather. For example, we think after a long Winter it’s great to get lots of natural light into your home. It’s proven that during these months, we get a little more down in the dumps. With a Patio door, we can boost our mood and even improve our health as Vitamin D hits our skin, through the light from our Patio doors!

But how can a Patio door benefit the homes we live in? “

But how can a Patio door benefit the homes we live in? Well, staying on topic of natural light. Patio doors take away the necessity for our light to constantly be switched on. Therefore, we can save energy, and more importantly, money just by having this style of door!

Now, not to mention the obvious, but we are in a Pandemic. Patio doors can help us stay healthy! We’ve heard pretty much everything there is to hear about this, so I won’t focus too much on it. Ventilation is a great way to keep safe, so what better way to ventilate your home than a 2, 3 or 4 wide door to let the fresh air in? Much like natural light, fresh air helps to improve our mental state. This is why the Spring and Summer months are the best, so let’s embrace this with a Patio door!

When the sun is out and the temperatures are rising, it’s natural for us to want to get out of the house. Like we always say here at Verdi, it’s vital that we know our homes are secure in this case. Patio doors can seem unsecure but, in reality, they have many features to keep your home safe. Take the doors we supply at Verdi. They are Steel reinforced, come with a 6-point locking system and are even Police approved features such as anti-bump cylinders and interlock bolts. These are just a few of many features for you to keep peace of mind with our Patio doors.

And that takes us to a final reason as to why you should get a Patio door to brighten your Spring. Just think, it’s not long now before the temperatures are suitable to together with loved ones, say for perhaps a BBQ? Our doors allow easy access in and out of your home. So, whether your social distancing, or not. You can be sure that you are hosting a fantastic get together! 

So that’s that! Spring is quickly approaching and we can’t wait here at Verdi (working in the cold isn’t always fun!) We think a this door could be ideal for any home. What do you think?

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Door Systems at Verdi Home Improvements

Door systems at Verdi. As what feels like a long Winter has come to an end, Spring has begun! And with the warmer weather gradually returning, the sun can brighten up the look of your home completely. However, we know that the numbing cold, can leave lasting effects.

At Verdi, we want to tackle this! There are a range issues that can become apparent after Winter. For example, we often see that the aesthetics of your doors can be negatively impacted. Colour may fade on your door due to moisture, reducing its ‘new’ look, and causing your house to potentially look tired. For similar reasons, we often see that post-Wintertime, doors can easily warp. The significant changes in weather, overtime, can change the shape of your door, causing it to bend.

The weather is typically the main factor of damages to your home in Winter. Similar to warping, we often see the weather causing doors to rot. As the temperatures fluctuate, the change in humidity can cause fungi and other microbes to thrive. These then eat away at the material, chewing at the wood’s fibres. It’s important to catch this early, and there are ways you can spot rot which we will get into later.  

As well as changing the look of your home, problems that arise in Winter can also affect other characteristics of a door, such as its functionality, and security. We know this can be possibly the most important aspect to our customer’s homes. Cold weather can easily weaken the structure of your door system. For example, the latch can easily seize due to cold weather, leading to your door not being able to function as it should. Similarly, if your lock becomes too cold, it can snap! This can be a real security issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We strongly recommend resolving this issue as soon as possible.

So, how can you spot, and resolve these issues? Well, for some of these complications you can fix them yourself, and others it’s probably better for you to leave it to an expert. Say if you take the issue of rot. One way you can spot this early is from a cotton like substance appearing on the door. This is called Hyphae and indicates that rot is present. As for issues like security, like we said earlier, it’s important to sort these problems quickly. But we think it’s even more important to make sure that this is done correctly, and so could be worthwhile having a professional fix this. In the worst-case scenario however, a whole new system could be necessary.

 If this is the case, some doors we supply at Verdi could be perfect for your home. Our doors are all equipped with high technology, security features with a range of different aesthetic options.

Below, you can see some examples that we recently installed for our wonderful customers!

We also supply other styles of doors!

Such as our Bi-Fold, or French doors. These both have 10-point, high security door locks, as well as other features. The Bi-fold door even has a 10-year warranty, so we can assure you that our door systems are exceptionally durable. And with a range of finish choices, these doors can fit straight into you’re the look of your home!

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