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Choosing the Best Home Improvements this Winter with Verdi

Choosing the best home improvements this Winter with Verdi. We love the Winter months! With the falling snow (hopefully) and festivities, it can be a really magical time! As we wrap up warm for the cold though, we should also take into consideration the harm this season can have on our homes.

Unfortunately, cold weather can degrade our homes. And this can lead to issues both financially, but also to your quality of living! You can prevent this from happening, but we first need to know what to look for. One of the obvious causes of damage, is cold and fluctuating weather. These rapidly changing temperatures can cause fractures in both, your windows, and doors. Damage to the structure of your home can lead to a build-up in moisture as both rain and snow falls at a higher rate. Leading to issues such as, Mould, Draught and Rotting. These issues can even follow through to Spring, as termites thrive in these environments. Finally, more ‘blusterous’ weather can damage the exterior of your home. Your roof for example!

So, how do we prevent these issues from occurring in Winter?

Well, based on what we have already mentioned thus far, how can we protect the most vulnerable areas of our property? These different characteristics of Winter can heavily impact Gutters, Doors, Windows and our home’s Roofs. Let’s look at them in some more detail…


Gutters are an essential part of our homes. They collect the run-off water from your roof, protecting your property’s foundations. Unfortunately for us, Winter is usually very… wet. So, any damages can be heightened as more snow and rain falls. To protect our gutters, we can use Fascias!

As rotted wood is replaced with fascia boards, we can use them to support our gutters, as a much more durable solution, so that you don’t have to worry about this in the future.

Windows & Doors:

It goes without saying, keeping your home secure is so important. However, Winter can sometimes have other ideas. Ever-changing temperatures cause wood to freeze, and warm. This, overtime, leads to cracks in your Door Frames and the Caulk around your Windows. As well as creating a draught which can lead to mould and more. A weakened structure to these areas can reduce security in your home.

Being attentive to these issues is key, but if you miss anything. There are home improvements that can help! Whether it’s highly secure, Tilt & Turn Windows or Patio Doors with 4-point locking systems. Verdi products can help you to prepare your home for the Wintertime.


We all hope for a white Christmas, yet forget to protect our homes from the snow! Snow and more importantly, ice, can again, lead to cracks in your property’s Roof. And no one wants a leaky Roof, do they? A leak in your roof can lead to mould, and even ice damming. This is where ice forms at the edge of your Roof, causing ice to melt behind and seep into your walls.

Luckily for you, Verdi has its own roof maintenance service! We want to help our customers have a healthy Roof, and we provide a full cleaning and maintenance service!

So, now we know some key areas that we can protect from the harsh Winter weathers. This is great! But now it’s time to be proactive, rather than reactive. Now is the perfect time to make these home improvements. We’ve already see frosty mornings as we approach December, so don’t leave it, until it’s too late!

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Roof Cleaning at Verdi Home Improvements

Roof cleaning at Verdi Home Improvements. With World Photography Day later this month, we wanted to talk about our roof cleaning service. We love to take pictures of our work, and some of the best come from our roof projects!

A roof’s aesthetic can completely change with a good clean. You can see this in the before and after images that we post. However, as much as the look of your home and its roof is important. Roof cleaning and treatment in general, is necessary to the overall health of your home. At Verdi we can provide this service, but we wanted to briefly explain the process of our roof cleaning service. So, what are the 3 stages of cleaning a roof?

Stage 1: Preparation

Roof cleaning can be quite a large project. So, there are steps that both we, and you can do to ensure that the process runs smoothly. We want to make sure that we make as little disruption to your home as possible. So, if you remove any furniture, wall hangings etc. then your belongings won’t run the risk of your house and garden getting dirty.    

Stage 2: Cleaning

This is the stage which you leave up to us! Firstly, we want to keep mess to a minimum. So, we begin by removing all debris from your roof. Similarly, moss can build up on your roof, which can often lead to roof damage due to the moisture. Instead of pressure washing (depending on the roof style) and causing your property to get dirty, we may manually remove some of this moss before we continue with the cleaning process.

The way we can clean a roof changes with the type of roof have. We typically use high pressure cleaning for roofs; however, this isn’t always to most appropriate option.


These are some of the most common roof that we typically see. To clean these roofs, we use hot water and cleaning detergent, with a high-pressure washer. High-pressure washing can sometimes lead to damage of shingles if they are already weakened, so to avoid this we can adjust the pressure to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Roofing Sheets…

For Roof Sheets and corrugated roofs, we would avoid using high pressure washing, and instead take a more delicate approach. For these types of roofs, we would use softer cleaning detergents and materials, like a cloth to clean this style of roof.

Slate Roof…

Again, Slate roofs are more delicate than shingles. So, for this, we wouldn’t use a high-pressure washer as this would increase the risk of damage. It also could potentially leave which could grow and damage the roof long-term. Instead, we would a stiff brush to clean this type of roof.

Stage 3: Aftercare

This final stage is something you can do yourself. By keeping of top of your roof’s health, you can catch any damage early on to prevent future, long-lasting damage. For example, to prevent a future leak you can…

  • Check for cracks
  • Checks for stagnant water & remove this
  • Unclog your drains

We offer the service of roof cleaning and repair! If you need this service, then be sure to use Verdi!

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