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Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements

Going Green at Verdi Home Improvements. Ever wonder where the name Verdi came from? Well, here’s your answer. Verdi means green in Italian.

When Ryan and Damien first started talking about setting up the company ten years ago, they created a list of qualities that they wanted their brand to be known for.  At the top of their list was the company’s ability to be ‘green’. We prioritize recycling as much waste as possible, supporting the British manufacture industry and minimising waste where feasible. The name Verdi is a great fit! It draws on the brands identity of sustainability whilst nodding to the kind of quality that Ryan and Damien are keen to offer.

It’s all well and good having a great name, but how do we deliver on this?

  1. All of the windows and doors Verdi supply are British made. This reduces the carbon footprint compared to having things shipped in from overseas; All of the windows and doors are manufactured to an A rating as standard. Meaning that they perform as well as look good.
  2. Our windows are also Double Glazed! This style of window traps Argon gas between two window panes. This gas is a poor conductor of mean, meaning it stays trapped in your home. As well as retaining heat, it reduces the amount energy usage in your home, as the necessity for heating is less. Due to this, CO2 emissions can be reduced also!
  3. We have regular visits from local scrap yards to collect and recycle our waste; Also, our Warehouse Manager, does a sterling job of separating what can be given a new lease of life from what can’t.
  4. Before undertaking service calls we ask for photographs of the issue as well as the product, this enables us to reduce the number of visits required and therefore minimises.
  5. You may have noticed our site boards left outside properties once we have completed an installation; we are proud to say our site boards are 100% recyclable under band 5, this means that although we do try and reuse them as many times as possible ourselves, once they have been well loved they can go on to become something new.

At Verdi, we see the climate crisis as a major issue in today’s society. Whether it’s local, or on a global scale. We feel that it is our duty make this one of our priorities! By fulfilling the points above, we can confidently say that Verdi is contributing to the battle for a green future.

To learn more about how we are ‘Going Green‘, check out our Verdi Guarantee here.

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