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Home Improvements to help you celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday

Home Improvements to help you celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday. The bank holiday to celebrate 70 years of her majesty’s service is in a couple of weeks! Whether you’re patriotic or not, we all have reason to be excited! After all, we get that day off to relax!

The Queen’s Jubilee also gives us a great excuse to get together and celebrate with friends! Is your property party-ready though? Well, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to get your home ready, in time for the June Bank Holiday!

All being well, we will see some Sunshine for the Queen’s Jubilee here in the UK! Knowing us British, that can only mean one thing… A BBQ! With everyone enjoying the weather, we need to set ourselves up with a comfortable outdoor space. So, get the outdoor seating out with plenty of cushions, the grass freshly cut and the ‘barby’ lit. This all sounds perfect! But here at Verdi, we can’t help but point out that British Summertime doesn’t always play out as we’d hoped.  

The Verdi Canopy

We don’t want to jinx it. However, if the showers do begin to pour, have you got somewhere to shelter underneath? One great home improvement we supply here can help you with this problem. Our Canopy is a great option for not only Summer but all year round! With this product, your party can continue and not spoil the fun of the Queen’s Jubilee!

Image of a recent Canopy installed by Verdi, relevant to the preceding text
Recent Verdi Canopy Installation

The Verdi Conservatory & Patio Doors

Image of recent installation of Patio doors from Verdi

Maybe a Canopy isn’t for you though! Well, how else can Verdi help you to enjoy your Bank Holiday? We understand that these Jubilee parties can get busy. A Conservatory can be a great space to host people in the summer months. Effective at regulating temperature and filled with light, you can ensure that you don’t miss the live coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee! An alternative to this is the Patio Door. Bridge the gap between your living space and garden with these wide, glass doors and let that scrumptious barbeque smell filter through your home.

It’s Time to Decorate for the Queen’s Jubilee!

Right, so now we’ve given you some ideas for your home. It’s time to decorate! With it being the Queen’s Jubilee, we should get into the spirit. We hope all our wonderful customers will be giving their homes a ‘royal’ makeover! We can picture it now. Flags, bunting, and crockery. All in the Union Jack’s Red, White and Blue!

Verdi doors that are in the Union Jack colours for the Queen's Jubilee

We hope everyone has a fantastic Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday, from everyone here at Verdi Home Improvements!

If you would like to enquire about any of the products we have mentioned, you can get in touch with Verdi by filling out the form below!

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    First Home Improvements to Make a as a New Homeowner

    First Home Improvements to Make a as a New Homeowner. At Verdi, we believe there has never been a better time to become a new homeowner! The Government Mortgage Scheme allows for new buyers to only pay a 5% deposit. This makes for a less stressful decision. However, the scheme only runs until December of this year, so be quick! For those who have made the big step on to the financial ladder (and anyone else reading of course), we want to delve into the first home improvements you should make when making purchasing a property.

    “More than half (58.7%) of burglars gain entry through the front door”


    Whether you’re looking to buy or let, we always stress here at Verdi, that home security trumps everything else. Feeling safe within your home should be the bare minimum and that’s why it should be one of the first home improvements you make. So, what can you do to ensure this is the case? Well, home security can come in different forms. For example, take the range of doors we supply here at Verdi. It may come as a surprise, but “more than half (58.7%) of burglars gain entry through the front door,” as stated by NimbleFins. We mention this stat because it even shocked us! The doors we supply at Verdi are designed to prevent this, with features such as a 6-point locking system, so that you know you’re safe!

    example of door installation from verdi

    The next home improvements you should make are things you can do yourself, throughout the tenure of owning your home. Making your home aesthetically pleasing doesn’t really have any downsides. It can make us happy, your tenants happy and will obviously raise the value of the property. These 3 things are a landscaping, curb appeal and a simple lick of paint.


    Not something we do here at Verdi, but having a garden space and more importantly, one that is cared for can raise the value of your home!

    Curb Appeal

    You may wonder what this is. But curb appeal is basically what it says on the tin. Making ‘your curb space’ and the area around your home look appealing will encourage prospective buyers if you ever were to sell.

    Fresh Paint

    This one is simple. We all know the state older builds can be in. We believe that this is the bare minimum for freshening your home and making it your own!

    Another one the first home improvements you should make is improving its energy efficiency. Many new builds are designed to meet much higher standards. However, we’re realistic at Verdi. Many first-time buyers are more likely to purchase an older build, more as a project if you will. These types of properties may be poor is this area and so changes should be made to properly modernise your home as a long-term investment (which we’ll get to later). Some examples of changes you could make could be insulation, or draught proofing through new double-glazed windows, which you can get here at Verdi!

    The final option for your first home improvements comes down to health and safety. This one is important. We need to always check different aspects of a property and make sure that everything is check. These areas include:

    • Electrical appliances
    • Heating appliances
    • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors
    • Fire safety & escape routes

    If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, it could be worth calling in a professional to help. This is particularly important for landlords who carry a duty of care for their tenants.

    So there we have it! Whether your a first time buyer, or an experienced property-investor. These things could get your project started off to a winner! We know this type of purchase can a stressful but very fulfilling mission and we hope this can help you even just a little bit!

    We can help you make some of these home improvements here at Verdi, just check out our product range here!

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      Choosing the Best Home Improvements this Winter with Verdi

      Choosing the best home improvements this Winter with Verdi. We love the Winter months! With the falling snow (hopefully) and festivities, it can be a really magical time! As we wrap up warm for the cold though, we should also take into consideration the harm this season can have on our homes.

      Unfortunately, cold weather can degrade our homes. And this can lead to issues both financially, but also to your quality of living! You can prevent this from happening, but we first need to know what to look for. One of the obvious causes of damage, is cold and fluctuating weather. These rapidly changing temperatures can cause fractures in both, your windows, and doors. Damage to the structure of your home can lead to a build-up in moisture as both rain and snow falls at a higher rate. Leading to issues such as, Mould, Draught and Rotting. These issues can even follow through to Spring, as termites thrive in these environments. Finally, more ‘blusterous’ weather can damage the exterior of your home. Your roof for example!

      So, how do we prevent these issues from occurring in Winter?

      Well, based on what we have already mentioned thus far, how can we protect the most vulnerable areas of our property? These different characteristics of Winter can heavily impact Gutters, Doors, Windows and our home’s Roofs. Let’s look at them in some more detail…


      Gutters are an essential part of our homes. They collect the run-off water from your roof, protecting your property’s foundations. Unfortunately for us, Winter is usually very… wet. So, any damages can be heightened as more snow and rain falls. To protect our gutters, we can use Fascias!

      As rotted wood is replaced with fascia boards, we can use them to support our gutters, as a much more durable solution, so that you don’t have to worry about this in the future.

      Windows & Doors:

      It goes without saying, keeping your home secure is so important. However, Winter can sometimes have other ideas. Ever-changing temperatures cause wood to freeze, and warm. This, overtime, leads to cracks in your Door Frames and the Caulk around your Windows. As well as creating a draught which can lead to mould and more. A weakened structure to these areas can reduce security in your home.

      Being attentive to these issues is key, but if you miss anything. There are home improvements that can help! Whether it’s highly secure, Tilt & Turn Windows or Patio Doors with 4-point locking systems. Verdi products can help you to prepare your home for the Wintertime.


      We all hope for a white Christmas, yet forget to protect our homes from the snow! Snow and more importantly, ice, can again, lead to cracks in your property’s Roof. And no one wants a leaky Roof, do they? A leak in your roof can lead to mould, and even ice damming. This is where ice forms at the edge of your Roof, causing ice to melt behind and seep into your walls.

      Luckily for you, Verdi has its own roof maintenance service! We want to help our customers have a healthy Roof, and we provide a full cleaning and maintenance service!

      So, now we know some key areas that we can protect from the harsh Winter weathers. This is great! But now it’s time to be proactive, rather than reactive. Now is the perfect time to make these home improvements. We’ve already see frosty mornings as we approach December, so don’t leave it, until it’s too late!

      Think you need any of the home improvements mentioned in this blog? Click here!

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      Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements

      Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements. The warm weather is (hopefully) fast approaching. So, it’s time to get your home spruced up for Summer. Like most, we love this season, due to how beautiful our surroundings become. We think everyone’s home should reflect this!

      So, what are some of these home improvements we can make for Summer? We thought we’d bring you a quick list of just a few different options:

      A Beautiful Entrance…

      Touching up the face of your property creates a great first impression to others, but also makes us happier to, as we feel proud of our home. This is easier than you may think! Just by washing up the exterior with a jet wash, filling in cracks in concrete or doing a tad bit of landscaping/gardening. We can see a huge difference in how our home looks.

      Modernising your Home…

      After the Winter/Autumn seasons, our homes can start to look dull. This isn’t very Summery, is it? Well by looking at modern trends, we can change this. For example, something we see often is the contrast between off-Whites’ and darker Greys. This paint selection really fits into the ‘modern’ aesthetic. Maybe you could add interesting lighting to accentuate areas of your home? We also think that using natural materials like wood in areas of your home is Summer appropriate.

      Energy Saving Solutions…

      As much as we don’t like to think about, we also need to prepare for the next Winter. It’s important to get your home energy efficient through ways, which we mentioned in our last blog! Hopefully this work isn’t as time consuming with those in the trade having more time in their day due to less weather delays etc.

      Roof Repair…

      This point plays into energy saving methods. The cold weather can mean damage and more, to your roof. For example, we often see missing/loose shingles, and especially leaks. It’s also important to clean gutters so there is no standing water.  

      Outdoor Living…

      Finally, the most important thing we think you can do Summer is creating an outdoor living space. We want to make the most of the British Summer Time, as we never know how short it may be. So, ways we can do this is through very socially focused spaces that are weather considerate. We want to catch the sun while avoiding the rain. We also want to be able to host a number of people so get yourself some furniture which can accommodate this!

      With Summer right around the corner, you can undertake some of the basic maintenance work we have mentioned yourself! However, if you need something a little more, Verdi can help! We supply products for all areas we have mentioned. Such as, Conservatories, Porches, Windows, Doors, Canopies and even can offer a roof repair service!

      You can get in touch with us at Verdi through Facebook, or by visiting our website here, if you need help with home improvements for this Summer!