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Tag: Environment

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Environmentally friendly improvements at Verdi. We often see homes that are aging, with features that maybe aren’t necessarily energy efficient. This is due to the lack of importance put on to the environment in the past. Nowadays though, people’s priorities have changed. For example, the environment has (rightly) become a major issue for many people, and these concerns are prevalent when it comes to the products people are buying for their homes.

However, no matter how environmentally conscious we are, some of the products we use in the home could be doing more harm than good. Here’s a quick list of things that may seem harmless but can actually contribute to the environmental damage of our planet:

Windows & Doors

For windows that don’t hold multi-glazing properties. We can guarantee they will waste energy, and your home will not retain the optimal heat that it produces!

Poor Insulation

Similar to windows, a lack of insulation can cause for heat energy to be wasted. However it can also lead to a plethora of other issues both unrelated, and related to the environment. For example the transfer of pollutants!

Household Products

Even individual household products can have negative effects on the environment. For example, your kettle, toiletries, light bulbs and a range of other items. These can either be energy wasting, made from harmful materials, or can’t be recycled!

Home Maintenance

We understand that everyone’s home needs looking after. However, the process of doing so, may not be considered eco-friendly. This can stretch from within the home, but also out into your garden. If you still use a Petrol mower, this can obviously cause harm to the environment as it releases harmful gases from the fossil fuels it uses!

Building Materials

The final area we want to point out is the materials that are used when home improvements are made. While much has changed in recent times, many materials used still are not necessarily produced in eco-friendly ways. They either require a lot of energy to manufacture, or do not come from recycled materials!

We don’t want this to seem all doom and gloom though! All of these issues are being resolved. Modern technology means that alternative methods are being created. This is combating the environmental issues that come with home improvement.

One way we are doing our part at Verdi is the smarter products we supply. Our clever products are produced from materials that we can guarantee, come from 100% recycled materials as we do our part to protect the environment we live in!

We recommend you check to see if areas in your home are as environemtal as they can be!

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