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Home Improvements Ready for the Football

Home improvements, ready for the football. England have reached the knockouts of Euro 2020! We love this time of year, and the football is making it even more enjoyable. Euros 2020 is being hosted across Europe this year. However, for obvious reasons making the trip to support the 3 Lions isn’t so simple. So, whether you can make it Wembley or not, you can still bring the football home!

We love hosting our friends and loved ones, but sometimes you have to do a bit of maintenance to make our homes presentable. These tasks can range from cleaning, all the way to a whole new living space! So, here’s a few ideas we suggest for getting your home ready for the football.

Firstly, we need to make sure that our home looks spruced up. Here are 3 easy ways to do this…

  1. Treat and remove damp/mould – This can be done by firstly, cleaning the stain, with vinegar being a popular home remedy, and then using damp seal, and paint to prevent further issues.
  2. Clean out your roof & gutters – We always must stress; this can be a dangerous task as suggest professional help. However, cleaning the material from your gutters is always important for preventing further problems and roof damage.  
  3. Work on your landscaping – This seems obvious to us but taking care of you garden is vital for this time of year and should be done so that you can watch the football in a comfortable environment.

No that your garden is up to scratch, we can start to think of other ways we can make home improvements. National BBQ Week is this coming week, and what great timing! We can watch the football, as burgers cook over the fire. However, unfortunately this is still the UK, and the weather doesn’t always ‘play ball’. One way that Verdi can offer a solution to this is our Canopies! If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, this could be for you! Our canopies offer an open concept that creates a happy medium between enjoying the British Summertime, and still keeping that cover for if the heavens start to open when you’re watching the football.

You can take this one step further; with the Conservatories we can supply you too at Verdi. This could be perfect for those who are thinking ahead, with the World Cup coming around next year, in Winter!  A conservatory bridges the gap between the outside, and in. So, while it may not be BBQ weather for the football next year, you can still make the most of the daylight, while keeping yourself warm.

If you are looking to enjoy the rest of football this year, in style, then check out our products on the Verdi Home Improvements websites here.

Come on England!