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Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements

31 May 2021

Summer Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements. The warm weather is (hopefully) fast approaching. So, it’s time to get your home spruced up for Summer. Like most, we love this season, due to how beautiful our surroundings become. We think everyone’s home should reflect this!

So, what are some of these home improvements we can make for Summer? We thought we’d bring you a quick list of just a few different options:

A Beautiful Entrance…

Touching up the face of your property creates a great first impression to others, but also makes us happier to, as we feel proud of our home. This is easier than you may think! Just by washing up the exterior with a jet wash, filling in cracks in concrete or doing a tad bit of landscaping/gardening. We can see a huge difference in how our home looks.

Modernising your Home…

After the Winter/Autumn seasons, our homes can start to look dull. This isn’t very Summery, is it? Well by looking at modern trends, we can change this. For example, something we see often is the contrast between off-Whites’ and darker Greys. This paint selection really fits into the ‘modern’ aesthetic. Maybe you could add interesting lighting to accentuate areas of your home? We also think that using natural materials like wood in areas of your home is Summer appropriate.

Energy Saving Solutions…

As much as we don’t like to think about, we also need to prepare for the next Winter. It’s important to get your home energy efficient through ways, which we mentioned in our last blog! Hopefully this work isn’t as time consuming with those in the trade having more time in their day due to less weather delays etc.

Roof Repair…

This point plays into energy saving methods. The cold weather can mean damage and more, to your roof. For example, we often see missing/loose shingles, and especially leaks. It’s also important to clean gutters so there is no standing water.  

Outdoor Living…

Finally, the most important thing we think you can do Summer is creating an outdoor living space. We want to make the most of the British Summer Time, as we never know how short it may be. So, ways we can do this is through very socially focused spaces that are weather considerate. We want to catch the sun while avoiding the rain. We also want to be able to host a number of people so get yourself some furniture which can accommodate this!

With Summer right around the corner, you can undertake some of the basic maintenance work we have mentioned yourself! However, if you need something a little more, Verdi can help! We supply products for all areas we have mentioned. Such as, Conservatories, Porches, Windows, Doors, Canopies and even can offer a roof repair service!

You can get in touch with us at Verdi through Facebook, or by visiting our website here, if you need help with home improvements for this Summer!