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Autumn Preparation here at Verdi Home Improvements

01 Sep 2021

Autumn Preparation at Verdi Home Improvements. We can’t believe it’s September already! We must be having too much fun here at Verdi. Autumn is quickly approaching, and it’s time for us to start getting our home ready for the dropping temperatures. Not that this Summer has been particularly warm! There’s a whole host of ways we can do this, and we’ll break in down for you…


We’ll start with the garden. Autumn can put your garden through the races, so it’s important to keep the damage to a minimum. For example, some plants are more robust and suited to colder weather. It’s worth replacing your flowers with these types of plants, and to also trim and tidy any dead or tired plants in your flower beds. Also, with the weather being colder. You’ll likely be spending less time outside so don’t forget to move your outdoor furniture inside!


Next, we’ll move to the entrance of your homes. Autumn weather can often be dreary, and we don’t want our homes to be the same! We’d start by checking for any damage. Porches can often be neglected, and cracks in patio etc., can easily appear. Before anything, these damages should be amended. After this, we can begin to properly battle the Autumn blues through something as simple as a quick lick of paint! Refreshing your porches with a vibrant colour could brighten up yours, or someone else’s day on those drab Autumn days. At Verdi, we can help you with this! Maybe your porch is looking tired, or maybe you don’t have one at all? Verdi has a selection of porches design specs to help brighten up your home this Autumn.


A main aspect of a porch, and in fact the rest of your home. So how can you prep these for Autumn too? Well firstly, like the porch, there is potentially damage to your windows too. For example, damage to the frames may be more difficult to notice, but these can lead to drafts in your home and a lack of insulation. There are different ways you can fix this. You can mend these cracks via sealing and caulking gaps around the window, to installing double glazing (we’d recommend professional help for this), to something as simple as putting up blinds and curtains to retain the heat in your homes. Luckily for you, Verdi has a wide selection of windows to choose from for you to keep your homes warm this Autumn!

Living Spaces

Finally, we’ll move on to the living spaces of our homes. Now that we have insulated our homes, we want to get all cosy. So, it’s time to get the fireplace tidy, curtains drawn and heating on! But what about alternatives living spaces, like Conservatories? With the daylight drawing in earlier and earlier, we should make the most of the sunlight while we can. A Conservatory can be perfect for this as it acts as a buffer between the outside and in, while keeping warm in the colder months! At Verdi, we can supply you with a whole range of different Conservatories for you to keep warm this Autumn!

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